Established  2008 in St. Augustine Florida by Dennis Dougherty


Dennis, owner of Ground Swell Foods is a veteran of the food industry. Back in the 1980’s his father-in-law was on a fad diet that called for not using black pepper because it contains chemical residue from fumigation. It is “carcinogenic” they said. Dennis did homework on black pepper and found that it is required to be fumigated to enter the USA. Valuable information he thought. Years later his mother-in-law developed diverticulitis and the doctor advised not to use black pepper as it will irritate the intestines because it doesn’t digest.

After doing more research Dennis found that black pepper is beneficial however. In fact, it will increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients!

So Dennis set to work to create a black pepper that will digest and has not been fumigated or irradiated.

Working with the some of the best companies in the industry, NutriPepper was born.