Safest Black Pepper on Earth!

Graded “A” or better – as tested by CWC Labs!

Why Shell Free?

  • Traditional black pepper is processed in a manner that leaves it susceptible to health hazards. The vast majority of peppercorns are harvested and processed in third world countries. Part of the process involves sun drying the peppercorns, this part of the process leaves it open to contamination from dust, mold, bugs, and even bird poo.(Even organic black pepper) To solve this problem governments have mandated that peppercorns be fumigated and/ or irradiated to control the risk of contamination. NutriPepper solved all of these problems by eliminating the outer shell. Today we use only organic, NON-GMO and gluten free ingredients infused with all natural black pepper flavor to bring you all the amazing benefits of black pepper without the hazards of the shell.


  • The shell of the peppercorn is an insoluble fiber that our bodies cannot digest. This means that much of the measured health benefits of black pepper pass right through our bodies without every having a chance of being absorbed.


  • Because our bodies cannot fully break down the shell of the peppercorn it can travel further down the digestive tract to the colon where it can become lodged, causing risk of inflammation and infection, especially in people with preexisting digestive issues such as colitis and crohn’s disease.


  • This phytochemical compound, alkaloid is responsible for the pungency of black pepper and many of its health benefits.
  • Nutri-Pepper is 3rd party lab verified for wholesomeness and piperine content.


Fumigation of black pepper is required for any shipment entering the U.S.

This process is used to kill off any living insects or rodents that may have infested the shipment during processing or transport.


Irradiation has recently been implemented as way to kill off bacteria, disease, and microorganisms that may have found their way into the shipment during processing or transport.

Resistant Starch

Resistant starches are starch molecules that resist digestion, functioning kind of like fiber. Studies show that they have many health benefits.